ethical marketing leadership for health products

Enforcement is hindered by the
lack of a regulatory framework

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The best interests of the patient/consumer
should come first in health product selection

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There is a need for rules of engagement
for marketing and selling activities

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Choice of health products should be on
their merits and not based on inducements

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About the MCA
The Marketing Code Authority (MCA) is a non-profit self-regulatory body with voluntary membership drawn from manufacturers of medicines, medical devices and in vitro diagnostics (IVDs). The MCA’s Code of Marketing Practice lays down ethical rules for the marketing of medicines by its members.
to download a copy of the MCA Code and Guidelines
View below documents relating to POPI Act
(Protection of Personal Information Act)
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The MCA Code of Marketing Practice promotes the independence of healthcare practitioners (HCPs) in directing patient care.

HCPs can complete the MCA online competency assessment to obtain ethics CPD points.

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