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Members must commit to the principles, purpose and functions of the MCA, as set out in the MCA Constitution and the Marketing Code.
Become a Member
Important imformation
  • Companies carrying on business in the Republic of South Africa as manufacturers, importers, agents or distributors of medicines, medical devices and IVDs.
  • Companies may acquire membership through an affiliated trade association or may apply directly to the MCA for membership.
  • Admission of all new members is subject to the approval of the Board and the appointment of a Code Compliance Officer.
Membership Fees
  • Members pay annual membership fees to the MCA for the administration of the organisation.
  • Companies may join at any time during a calendar year and the membership fee will be pro-rated quarterly
  • The membership fee is usually based on the turnover of the company’s products which are subject to the Code (Refer to the Code document).
  • Trade association–aligned members; The MCA membership fee is usually invoiced through the trade association.
  • Independent non-aligned members are invoiced directly by the MCA.
  • Click here for 2019 membership fees. 
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